Our Instructors

Annie, Instructor

Annie’s love for yoga extends beyond the physical or “asana” part of the practice. She uses mindfulness and breath to movement as pathways for connecting and discovering the essence of what her truth is.  In 2013 she completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas and has since completed various workshops and courses.  Annie believes that Yoga can heal. She has used yoga to help with anxiety, stress and creating a positive self-image. She creates a space where others can use Yoga to heal, strengthen and connect during her classes.  Annie is a licensed “Girlvana” teacher and her passion is teaching yoga and mindfulness to teen girls.

Natasha, Instructor

I crossed paths with Yoga for the first time during a difficult time in my life. 21, a little lost and disconnected with myself. During that class, so many emotions and thoughts were coming up that I started to cry. It completely  shook me and I began to grow. For the first time I was able to acknowledge what my mind and body wanted versus what it needed, my good and bad habits and what my inner voice was saying. With more practice I was able to identify my strengths, weaknesses and struggles and realized how they made me unique. In December 2013 I completed my 200hr Hot Hatha/Vinyasa YTT with Melissa Williams through Ananda Yoga School and was immediately embraced by the students and teachers around me. My appreciation for music and the arts as well as my own creative nature and inner strength make for a dynamic class structure that challenges, strengthens and encourages students in a very casual and comfortable setting. Yoga strengthened me both physically and mentally, allowing for better understanding and appreciation of body, mind and emotions. A student of yoga first, I plan to further my education in various types of yoga including Yin (this coming February with Bernie Clarke) and maybe in the future Anusara and Ashtanga yoga. I find happiness in the ability to help my peers breakthrough their own issues through yoga, connection and conversation.

Steph, Instructor

With a background in psychology and social work, she is passionate about mental health and the role Eastern traditions (yoga, meditation, mindfulness) can play on healing. She has been practicing yoga for her own mental and physical health for over 10 years. With a personal healing journey in yoga, Steph is always excited to be teaching and connecting with others around yoga, mental health and the limitless bounty of the universe! Restorative yoga and gentle flow classes, focusing on mind-body connection are her specialty. When off the mat, Steph can be spotted with her trusty beagle on nature walks or painting in her studio.

Erin, Instructor

I started my yoga journey in 2008 as a casual student. After losing 150lbs in 2013, I decided to gift myself with becoming a certified yoga instructor. In 2014 I received my certification and began teaching both locally and abroad in the Caribbean.
For me, yoga is about finding a balance between strength and calmness within.
I want to inspire everyone and show them that yoga is for everyone. Yoga is more than being able to balance on your head. It is a full body and mind experience, that differs every time you come to your mat.

Laura, Instructor

Laura is a Registered Yoga Teacher YA-RYT200, Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher CYT, and Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Ryoho First Degree practitioner. With a passion for running, hiking and roller skating, Laura tends to work a lot with deep hip openers, leg and back strengtheners. Her classes place an emphasis on the grounding aspects of yoga, such as meditation, spirituality, introspection and breath. Her kids yoga classes and fun, energetic and creative, teaching yoga through play.

Liz, Instructor

Liz has been practicing yoga for 10 years. She decided to take Yoga Teacher Training course at Country Zen Hot Yoga 200 hours after she had her daughter. Liz takes pride in her teachings and her practice. Vinyasa flow and Hatha classes are her “go to” very alignment based flowing into postures and shapes warming up into peak poses safely and gradually. Her classes are theme oriented. Liz loves to see results in all her students. She works at everyone’s individual level and pace.

Sara, Instructor

Sara Mercer is a Registered Yoga Teacher, Ontario Certified Teacher, Rainbow Kids Yoga Instructor, and Girlvana Yoga Licensed Instructor. She has a passion for making yoga accessible to any and all participants, regardless of age or abilities, especially when it comes to children and teens. Sara can bring a lightness to the mat through exploration, play, and a little laughter. Meet her on the mat Wednesday evenings at Breathe for Kids Yoga, Yoga for Teens, Heated Hatha, and Heated Restorative by candlelight! 

Kim, Instructor

Dedicating myself to fitness has brought abundance to my life.  I’m always meeting lovely people, feeling strong in my body, emotional clarity and inner connection. Throughout my class there is a chance you won’t concern yourself with the outterworld as we experience our bodies through exercise.  You will leave feeling blissful!

Paula, Instructor

When I started yoga I thought it was going to be boring, but I quickly discovered yoga is whatever you want it to be.  After a consistent practice, with a variety of amazing teachers I realized that it wasn’t boring at all!  I teach yoga because I love being around people in a positive, nurturing and kind space.  In my classes, I like to remind you to get rid of limiting beliefs and to allow, over time, subtle shifts to take place in your body and mind.  To live in the present moment, be open about your possibilities and get stronger both physically and mentally.  It is an honor to be a part of that. My creds are 250 hour YTT (alignment base) 25 hour core strength vinyasa

Vania, Instructor

Vania, a Bradford local and a mother of two, started her yoga journey 7 years ago , it initially become her passion and way of life .
Yoga lead by Vania, will bring pure positive energy, and a light spiritual energy. She encourages awareness both mentally and physically in a nurturing environment which allows students to learn, experiment and build strength to transform and progress through their Yoga practice. All levels of Yoga experience are welcomed.

Shannon, Instructor

“They say Yoga calls to you when you need it most. At the time, I had had a serious horse riding accident and was told by the surgeon that I could do Yoga or swim; that’s it and especially NO riding! This shook me to the core, as I’d always been so active that I couldn’t imagine only having two options of exercise. I told myself if this was it than I was going all the way and began my teacher training that same month. If you ask me today what my choice of movement and physical expression would be, I’d say Yoga, hands down! Yoga gave me movement when I was limited but it also gave me a new sense of purpose, gratitude and peace when I needed it most. I look forward to sharing that love with you, on the mat!”
Shannon Jonas 200RYT, Prac. Cert Thai Massage, PTS, OAS, Nutrition Consultant

Andrea, Instructor

Receiving my Yoga Training 200 hour Certificate in 2014, my focus is on healing, energizing and going inward to find your true self, embracing your heart center to bring more peace and balance to your outer world.  The peace of mind, benefits, and comfort in my soul with my practice cannot be fully explained in small words.  I vowed that I would attempt to pass along the true benefits to every single one of my classes for all to reap the rewards of this ancient healing practice for mind, body and soul. As I travel through my journey in life, grow, heal and transform, the practice continues to keep me grounded and balanced, which can be passed along to all I contact.
Love and Light, 


Tonight’s restorative was amazing, her voice and techniques were so soothing; I really enjoyed her hands on massages and her assistance in my stretching positions! She made the class feel warm and welcoming…just amazing! Thank you!

Shannon is truly amazing! Always making you believe in yourself and focussing on finding the strength within you and the ability to say I can do it and actually doing it! Truly Love every Friday Morning. Thanks Shannon.

Highly recommend this studio. A calm loveliness occurs when that yoga room door closes. Get ready to stretch, sweat, and maybe cry a little at the detoxifying, cleansing soul beautification that occurs.

Just had my first class with Vania and I feel fantastic! Can’t wait for tomorrows class! Such a cute little studio, I love the set up.

This is such a truly beautiful, inviting, positive and inclusive space. I truly felt like I was in a space I had been in for years. The teachers are so kind. I look forward to many more visits. Such a sense of calm and belonging.

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