Set Your Intention

I want to:
Feel Great & Relax

I want to

I want to
Be More Flexible

I want to

I don’t know
I’m A Beginner

Achieve Your Goal

What You'll Need:

  • an open mind
  • a positive attitude
  • loose clothing that allows a full range of motion
  • your own yoga mat, if you have one
  • a hydrating beverage

What We'll Provide

  • a safe and clean space
  • a shower for you to use post-practice
  • complimentary filtered water
  • mats for you to rent for $2 each

Keep It Fun

Creating a Community

Our Community Growing up I always knew I wanted to help others, to give back, and to make people feel welcomed and accepted.  Achieving this goal did not always seem realistic or attainable, because it came with ridicule, judgement, and self doubt.  People often...

Girlvana for Teen Girls

Girlvana for Teen Girls

Girlvana & Kid's Yoga   When I first pondered opening up a yoga studio my first reason was because there is such a need to calm and restore the mind.  Our minds are constantly racing about things we need to do, things we have done wrong in the past, things we...