Our Community

Growing up I always knew I wanted to help others, to give back, and to make people feel welcomed and accepted.  Achieving this goal did not always seem realistic or attainable, because it came with ridicule, judgement, and self doubt.  People often questioned Why?, How?, or When? and honestly, I didn’t always have an answer, but my heart was leading me to open Breathe so I could start my journey.

Yoga for me has always been a place of peace, love and feeling calm. It’s about being a part of a community where you are accepted, welcomed, and loved for the person you are.  It made me feel so wonderful, my anxiety began to diminish because I was actually showing up for myself and I was learning to be still. 

I pursued this journey so that other people could become a part of this amazing community and enjoy the benefits of yoga, meditation, workshops, meeting new friends, and feeling like they have a safe place that they can go to anytime they feel like the walls are closing in.  Breathe is our Community and seeing and hearing people tell me that they are so thankful and grateful for the space and the amazing instructors has brought tears of joy and gratitude, that I was able to create and invite all of you to enjoy the benefits of being a part of Breathe. I want to thank all of you for your support, love, kind words, and most of all for taking time for you!