Our Labour of Love!

If you would have asked me last year at this time if opening a yoga studio was in my future, I definitely would have said NO! I mean who am I kidding, 2 dogs, 3 children, a husband, teacher, a home to clean, and social outings how was it even a possibility??  Then in November 2017 I happened to mention it to my hubby (who usually says, “ok dear, don’t you have enough things on your plate!”), but instead he thought it was a great idea and couldn’t wait to get started. I didn’t know what to do in that moment, to jump up and down with excitement, or to cry because of the fear of such a huge undertaking. Well I did both! and as of February, 10th 2018 Breathe Yoga Studio came to life.

Yoga has always been my thing since anxiety had tried to take over my life, but boy has yoga put up a good fight against it, and thankfully yoga has been winning. My husband always says, “Rosie you can’t save the world!”, but hey I can sure help it by giving people a safe space where they can release all of their fears, anxieties, sadness, and stress.  The positive response and the stories that people are telling me are astounding, beautiful, and refreshing..Yes!! I have done the right thing, all of my fears about opening this space have disappeared, fear did not win this time!

My husband spent countless nights and days, missing work and family time to make my dream come true.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your unconditional love and for understanding the need for this space in our community. So please come out, share our energy and enjoy the time for yourself to restore after the craziness we call life.  You are always welcome to come in and JUST BREATHE!